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Centaur Communications has provided the community of Orange Walk with wholesome family entertainment for over twenty-five years. Its headquarters is based in the heart of Orange Walk Town.

Founded in 1990 by John and Jaime Briceño, Centaur began as a small cable system in Orange Walk Town with 8 cable channels. Today, Centaur maintains a state of the art Hybrid-fiber-coax network and offers its services to Corozal and the Belize Rural area.


In September 2001, Centaur moved into content development with CTV-3 News. Since its inception, CTV-3 has covered news worthy events in the northern districts along with national news and social projects. In 2004, Fiesta FM 106.7 was launched and works along with CTV-3 to broadcast local events and music shows over the radio. Currently, subscribers enjoy over one hundred and eighty channels along with reliable high-speed internet.


Connect and enrich everyone through incredible technology



To grow within our communities, improve the customer experience and lead in the delivery of innovative content and greater connectivity.



  • Cable Fee
    Monthly Cable Fee Cable Stand alone: $60.00 HBO Channels: $60.00 + $15.00
  • Installation Fee
    Free installation.
  • Extension Fee
    Second set connection: $25.00
  • Reconnection for non-payment
    To Reconnect Services: $15.00
  • Transfer Fee
    To Transfer Services to Another Location: $35.00
  • STB (Set Top Box) Fee
    First box: FREE Second box: $5.00 Three or more boxes: $4.00 each
  • Set Top Box Damaged / Lost / Misplaced Fee:
    STB Damaged / Lost / Misplaced: $100.00
  • Set Top Box Remote Damaged / Lost / Misplaced Fee:
    STB Remote Damaged / Lost / Misplaced: $25.00
  • Set Top Box Card Damaged / Lost / Misplaced Fee:
    STB Card Card Damaged / Lost / Misplaced : $30.00
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