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The Ultimate Mesh WiFi System

It's time to get the most out of your network and boost your WiFi signal.

Along with Centaur's Xpress Net,  Vilo works to provide the best WiFi coverage for your home.

What is the Vilo Mesh WiFi System?

A mesh system broadcasts your WiFi signal through multiple access points to eliminate any dead spots in your house and allows you to roam freely while on the same WiFi network. 

With multiple routing devices wirelessly connected to each other, the range of your WiFi signal is extended significantly without being split over different networks.


How can you upgrade to our Vilo Mesh WiFi System?


Login credentials are generated using your email address.


Once you've signed in on the app, you are now in control your WiFi network.

The Vilo Mesh WiFi System is now available at all Centaur branches.

Vilo Living - Mobile App

​With the Vilo Living Mobile App, you can:

  • Create a Guest Network along with a timed duration

  • Block specific devices you don't want on your WiFi

  • Know when a new device has connected to your network

  • Set time limits on the internet access for your children

  • Change your WiFi password

Download the App now!

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