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Customer Notice

Dear Centaur Valuable Customers, with the rise of numerous cases of the Covid 19 virus, we want to reassure you that Centaur is complying with all safety measures both at our offices and with our Technicians.

These include:

✅The constant washing and sanitizing of hands, door handles and surfaces

✅Social distancing

✅Checking of temperature

✅Protective shields by the customer service

✅Wearing of masks.

This is to protect both our employees and our customers.

We are grateful for everyone’s cooperation, and the Lord’s protection, since each of our employees has remained safe thus far. We have also deployed employees to work from home where possible while our offices remain open for normal businesses. However, if you wish to make payments from the safety of your homes, feel free to use the online facilities.

Visit our website at 🌐 for useful tips.

Centaur values our most important assets, both staff and customers, and reassures you that we are taking every measure to ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you for choosing Centaur!

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