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Customer Service Representative Vacancy

Centaur Cable Communications is a regional provider of Cable and Internet Services. We offer a unique opportunity to join a growing and innovating company in the telecommunications industry.

At Centaur, we believe the work you do should be as empowering as the services we provide and deliver to our customers; therefore, interested applicants willing to join our team as a Customer Service Representative must possess, in addition to an Associate’s Degree, the following qualifications:

  • A warm, approachable attitude.

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • Ability to respond to internal and external inquiries, via email, phone or face to face.

  • Ability to manage customer order entries and update their databases.

  • The motivation to work flexible hours.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

Interested applicants from Ladyville or neighboring areas may submit a letter of application, along with their resume, no later than October 15, 2019 to the


Centaur Communications Corporation Limited

Ramon’s Plaza, Ladyville

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